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America's (Math) Education Crisis:
Why We Have It and Why We Can('t) Fix It
by Larry Zafran

America's (Math) Education Crisis by Larry ZafranMy new book, America's (Math) Education Crisis: Why We Have It and Why We Can('t) Fix It, is available for purchase on for $8.95. The Kindle edition is available for $2.99. A free Kindle app is available for the PC and iPhone. For the convenience of my customers, DRM has been disabled. Please do not abuse this by illegally copying or distributing the book. For more info about the book, please see below. You can also use the "Look Inside" and "Search Inside" functionality on Amazon.

As a community service for those unable to purchase the book, it is available for free reading in its entirety on Google Books, but is not downloadable. If you are benefitting from the free version of the book, please consider purchasing it on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback format. Please also consider posting a review of it on Amazon or elsewhere, or at least spreading the word about it to others who may benefit. 


Book Information

  • Paperback: 328 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (October 19, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 145361995X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1453619957
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.7 inches

Book Description from the Back Cover

America's education system is in a state of crisis. A growing number of America's youth cannot read, write, or do math at all close to grade level. In many cases, these students and their families do not realize this or care. The situation is compounded by the fact that American society no longer values education, and does not understand how learning actually works.

Frequent reference is made to the illusion of learning in underperforming schools. The book explains the difference between true learning and just being exposed to material. It explains the essential role that parents play, and that even with encouragement, a child cannot be forced to learn.

The book is targeted at parents, teachers, administrators, government officials, and concerned citizens. Older students may also benefit from reading it. Despite its frankness about topics which are often disregarded and avoided, there is nothing in the book that students don't intuitively understand. In particular, many students regularly experience the anonymity of being herded like cattle.

The goal of the book is to raise awareness, and discuss whether we can fix the problem. We cannot address our nation's education crisis until people understand its underlying causes and scope. The book tells the truth, in contrast to the misinformation provided by the government and the news media. Suggested changes for improvement are made, including those that can be implemented quickly and easily, and those that require a great deal of money and coordination along with a fundamental change in how America handles education.

This book is controversial, and covers issues that may anger, upset, or confuse some readers. The book includes curse words to paint a vivid picture of the way many students speak, and bluntly labels key aspects of our education system as bullsh*t where applicable.

About the Author

Larry ZafranLarry Zafran was born and raised in Queens, NY where he tutored and taught math in public and private schools. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Queens College where he graduated with highest honors, and has earned most of the credits toward a Masters Degree in Secondary Math Education.

He is a dedicated student of the piano, and the leader of a large and active group of board game players which focuses on abstract strategy games from Europe.

He presently lives in Cary, NC where he works as an independent math tutor, writer, and webmaster.

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