- Larry Zafran
NEW: My new book, Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier: Realistic and Practical Advice for Healthy Eating and Exercise, is now available on in paperback/Kindle formats for $6.25/$2.99.
A companion journal is also available. Please click the link below for more information.

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Larry Zafran: Author of Weight Loss Made a Bit EasierHi. I'm Larry Zafran. I'm originally from NYC, and presently live in Cary, NC. I'm an independent math tutor, author, and webmaster, and a dedicated student of the piano.

I'm the organizer of an active boardgaming group in the Raleigh (Triangle) area. We play "Euro Strategy Board Games" which mostly originate in Germany, and are translated and reprinted in America in small print runs. They are typically only sold online or in specialty gaming stores. If you live in or are visiting my area and would like to join us, please let me know.
If you, your child, or someone you know is studying math, please be sure to visit my free math website which has over 200 pages of lessons, videos, and other information. I answer math questions via e-mail for free. Please also explore the books of my self-published Math Made a Bit Easier series. The five first books of the series are currently available for purchase on, and free reading in their entirety on Google Books. More information and links to the online versions be found on my math book info page.

Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier by Larry ZafranIf you are struggling to lose weight as I was for three decades, you may be interested in my new book: Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier: Realistic and Practical Advice for Healthy Eating and Exercise. It is available for sale on in paperback and Kindle formats. A companion journal is also available in paperback. As with all of my books, they are available for free reading in their entirety on Google Books. 

If you are a parent or anyone concerned about America's education crisis, please be sure to see the information about my self-published education book America's (Math) Education Crisis: Why We Have It and Why We Can('t) Fix It, available for sale on in paperback and Kindle formats, and available for free reading on Google Books. I also recently self-published a music practice journal targeted at older and/or more advanced music students, as well as a gift/novelty book. More books coming soon! 

If you are interested in self-publishing via's CreateSpace, please click the link to see the page I prepared with information and tips. I highly encourage writers to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to publish your writings easily and inexpensively.

I can be reached via e-mail at or my contact page. I will not spam you or misuse your e-mail address in any manner. I'm a regular person just like you. If you have a math question or a question about my math books, please contact me via my math website. If you have comments in reference to my education book, please contact me privately via the link above.